We are lively family owned company, run by two adults and three little helpers. 

Our story begins few years ago with our fondness of drinking good quality coffee. Subsequently extended to our deep interest in green coffee development process and chemical reactions that occur during coffee bean roasting.

As a result, we have our utility room converted in dedicated coffee roastery at our house in Harpenden.
When we had our roastery established we were impatient to start experimenting with different roasting profiles and we learned an invaluable lesson. We realized that to produce a specialty coffee one should understand and recognize quality green coffee beans and best coffee varieties. We knew we would like to roast high quality Arabica coffee beans only and just Arabica coffee itself has numerus varieties. Hence, we needed to master green bean sourcing first and be able to recognize best quality coffee beans not just by varieties, but we should consider all their parameters such as growth altitude, origin, cupping quality , processing method and etc. During sourcing learning curve, we managed to established relationships with our green coffee bean suppliers, which we still use today to run our business.


When we had green coffee beans sourcing mastered, we dived deeply in our passion to experiment different coffee roasting profiles with different variates of coffee beans from around the world. It may worth mentioning here that to roast coffee is not as simple as it may look. Even equipped with professional drum coffee roaster and very high quality green coffee beans, one can completely ruining the batch . It requires to develop the right recipe per each different coffee beans you buy. The recipe should bring the best aroma and flavor out of a given coffee batch and should offer to the drinker a unique flavors transition experience. Flavors should transition in a smooth and balanced manner, having accents on the most typical ones for the batch in each sip of coffee . We really enjoyed on our journey to pursue the best roasting profile per each green coffee batch and during this period we have established a process to create new perfect roasting recipes per any new green coffee beans we source, as well as a process to reproduce each recipe and achieve consistent great results each time we roast.

Playing and experimenting with the coffee bean roasting process led us to be successful in bringing out the green coffee beans aroma and flavour in enjoyable symphony to the drinker. We compared our recipes to the bestselling arabica coffee roasters in United Kingdom and we have got the confidence that our recipes are competitive to them, having the touch and identity of our unique view of the perfect coffee roast. 


Being able to produce competitive to top United Kingdom coffee roasters product, having built green coffee sourcing strategy and network, having in place well established procedures for developing new coffee roasting recipes and producers to be consistent in their reproduction illuminated us that our enthusiast coffee roasting hobby grew in a professional craftsmen attitude to roast and ground coffee.

It was a logical step to decide to turn our hobby into a coffee roasting business. In Velik Coffee we would like to offer to coffee drinkers our experience and view of a perfect coffee sip. We are ambitious to invite tea drinkers as well to join our coffee journey and try some of our light roast recipes developed in mind of the British tea tradition. We are on our mission to source and use high quality Arabica green coffee beans only and focus mostly on single origin beans and high cupping score coffee.