Decaf Beans - Coffee Subscription

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✓   Expertly roasted, speciality grade coffee for a pleasant, both complex and balanced flavour and aroma.

✓   Decaf Beans coffee are Single origin and only 100% Arabica coffee beans from around the world.

✓   CO2 and Swiss Water Process only. In our Decaf Beans Coffee Subscription we source Specialty coffees decaffeinated only through CO2 no harsh chemical (close to natural) process and completely natural Swiss Water Process.

✓   Update your frequency and quantity. Pause or cancel at any time.


Decaf Beans coffee have smooth and rich profile. This coffee beans have medium body and balanced acidity. Due to its most “natural” decaffeinating method the coffee’s flavor characteristics are mostly kept and one can taste dark chocolate and berry notes.

Decaf Beans coffee is good to be used in making rich espresso drinks as well as coffee drinks containing milk and creams. 

Decaf Beans coffee comes with medium dark brown colour